Are You Eligible For Italian Citizenship By Descent?

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What Are The Benefits Of Italian Citizenship?

Acquiring Italian citizenship provides unrestricted access to live, work, and study in Italy and the greater EU. You'll no longer need to worry about securing a work visa or a Golden Visa—as an Italian citizen, you can live in Italy for as long as you'd like!

In addition to deepening your connection to your ancestral roots, Italian citizenship can be passed down to future generations, securing a lasting bond to this beautiful country and culture.

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Jure Sanguinis Italian Citizenship Quiz

Curious if you can get Italian citizenship through your grandmother, great-grandparents, or another ancestor? Take this quiz to find out!

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Hi! My name is Stephanie, and I successfully applied for Italian citizenship by descent in 2019. I currently work in Milan as a web developer, and I built this site to help other people with Italian ancestry determine if they are eligible.

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